Individual Counselling

iStock_000021649960_MediumAre you wondering whether you can benefit from individual counselling?


Is your past preventing you from moving forward? Do you find yourself feeling stuck in similar situations? Have you noticed feeling depressed, anxious or that life is unmanageable? Are you experiencing relationships problems, no matter how hard you try to resolve the issue?

If this sounds familiar you probably are not living your life to its potential and could benefit from personal counselling. Call to get counselling in Yorkton today!


Common topics that are addressed in individual counselling include:
Grief and Loss – There are many types of loss and the processes of grieving can feel lonely and hopeless. Sessions strive to understand the depth of loss and its impacts on your life, seeking ways to honour the natural process of grieving in order to heal.

Anxiety and Depression – Sometimes life can feel overwhelming and we do not know where to turn. No matter how much we want to change we sometimes fail, leaving us feeling afraid and alone. Counseling sessions could benefit ruminating patterns and feelings of hopelessness by addressing new ways of dealing with life’s difficulties.

Family of Origin Concerns –  Families can be wonderful structures of safety and acceptance but we all encounter difficult experiences and events that impact the way we see ourselves and those around us. By exploring family dynamics and their impacts we are able to identify unhelpful patterns and thoughts that impact our present relationships.

Stress Management – With the expectations and demands of everyday life, stress can build and become unmanageable. Sometimes the build up of stress starts to impact important relationships, career goals, personal health and well being. Learning to identify and manage stress can be a powerful tool toward a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Life Transitions – Whether you are experiencing the shift of singlehood to marriage, school to career consolidation, assisting aging parents, or taking on a new role with young children, life transition can be a challenge. By taking time to processes these dynamics you have the opportunity transition well.

Conflict Resolution – Are you finding yourself in high-stress or conflict situations? Whether you are involved in conflict with colleagues, friends or with family members there is hope. Through psycho-education, conflict resolution and solution focused therapy techniques dealing with conflict can become more manageable, alleviating stressful encounters and personal anxiety.