Welcome to Seasons Counselling – Offering Individual and Relationship Counselling

Whether you are in a time of growth, new transition, closure, grief or relationship storms Seasons Counselling will join with you to provide support and empowerment to change. At Seasons Counselling we focus on individual challenges and concerns. Our systemic approach lets you consider possible impacts from multiple areas of life including family, partners, children, friends or work atmosphere, and addresses how it affects the way you see yourself and others. If you decide on relationship counselling, we are also here for you. We hope to join with you whether you are looking to reach an important decision, heal from past hurt or create new patterns in your life.

Have you ever wondered how to save your marriage?

We understand that building a long term relationship has its challenges and can sometimes feel overwhelming. At Seasons Counselling we seek to join couples on this journey and provide opportunity to heal and strengthen growth and intimacy. Relationship and marriage counseling can be a wonderful time to build trust, resolve conflict and reach mutual relationship satisfaction.

At Seasons Counselling we have experience providing individual and relationship counselling in Yorkton and surrounding communities in Saskatchewan. Please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.