Benefits of Counselling

Senior man giving woman piggyback rideIs Counselling going to benefit me?

Individual and marriage counselling can be a very effective way to enhance your life in a variety of ways. At Seasons Counselling sessions are customized to meet your unique needs, allowing you to reach your goals sooner.

Exploring your past and present experiences with a warm professional can provide the right atmosphere for intrapersonal exploration, allowing you to understand yourself better. When we understand ourselves, our relationships and habits become clearer – leading to new possibilities for the future. Self-awareness brings increased satisfaction in relationships with self and others and increases our ability to make confident decisions and meet our goals. The latest research supports the benefits of counselling for psychological, physical, and interpersonal relationship improvement.

At Season’s Counselling we operate from several well researched therapeutic approaches and are utilized to suite your unique needs and circumstances. Therapeutic frameworks include:

Solution Focused:  This therapy approach is a practical, goal-driven model emphasising clear, concise and realistic goals. This therapeutic method understands that we all have an idea of what we need to improve our problems but sometimes we need help describing the components that need to shift.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT): The goal of CBT is to examine the way we think (our cognition) and how it impacts the way we behave (behavioural) in order to create change. This therapeutic method is a well researched, evidence-based psychotherapy, and is highly regarded among clinicians for transforming anxiety, depression, eating disorders and trauma.

Satir Transformational Systemic Therapy: The Satir Growth Model embraces four universal meta-goals which include: raising self-esteem, becoming a choice maker, becoming responsible and becoming congruent.

Gottman Method Couples Therapy:
Gottman clinical practices and methods have been researched for over four decades. Their research-based interventions and exercises foster couples in the process of overcoming relationship barriers, and increasing connection and intimacy.

Prepare – Enrich Premarital Counselling: This specific approach to premarital counselling has been offered by therapists through Enrich Canada since 1986 and has helped over one million couples to prepare for marriage. The interventions include questionnaires and couple inventories, assessing couples compatibility including strengths and areas of growth.