Couples Counselling

iStock_000019478571_MediumIs Couples Counselling right for my relationship?

Whether you are looking to check-in and identify where you feel stuck in your relationship, or you are looking to save your marriage from intense turmoil, relationship counselling could be a good fit for you.

When we encounter stressful life transitions or feel tension in our relationship we often find ourselves pulling away from our partner, creating relationship problems. Couples counselling seeks to address interactions between partners and identify each person’s deepest desires. By joining together to overcome unhelpful patterns the process of healing from past hurt and creating new interactions can begin.


Common relationship topics include:

Premarital Preparation –  During the exciting period when two people commit to one another in marriage there is great value in exploring personal and couple expectations. As a trained and certified member of Enrich Canada, premarital preparation unfolds through well researched assessments and therapy techniques, empowering young couples to identify strengths and areas of growth.

Affairs/Betrayals – When couples experience betrayal, trust is often broken, leaving partners with heightened sensitivity. This is often a delicate time for the relationship and takes courage to be willing to engage in the process of healing. Common questions couples encounter include: How did this happen to us, we were so happy? Will I ever be able to trust my partner again? How do I forgive? How did I miss this?  Marriage counselling provides opportunity to approach these vulnerable questions with your partner in a safe environment – contributing toward building a stronger future, and allowing you to save your marriage.

Communication – Have you found yourself in a pattern of communication with your partner that does not resolve the issue? Do the same issues come up time and time again? These patterns can cause distance and tension and may lead to a lack of intimacy and diminished marital satisfaction. The many possibilities for getting ‘stuck’ in communicating with your partner are explored in relationship counselling, with the goal of enhancing communication skills and connection.

Separation – Are you wondering if you should stay together or to go your separate ways? This time of processing can be painful and confusing as you seek to strengthen yourself and reassess your relationship goals and desires. When children are involved, avoiding unnecessary pain is important. Counselling can benefit you by providing a space to process this important decision, make sense of this painful time, and explore how to move forward with your relationships.

Divorce & Co-parenting – Divorce and Co-parenting can be a turbulent time of transition for the whole family. Counselling with the goal of divorcing or co-parenting well seeks to set mutual, healthy goals and process difficult issues, with the support of your therapist.

Blended Families – As couples join for the second time, bringing with them children from previous partners, there is often a time of upheaval. This transition is complex and dynamic, often takes a toll on the new couple. We seek to strengthen the marriage and support couples in the creation of a new family balance.